by Nomadic Massive

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Verse 1
You gonna get it again / Live shows on the bend / You gonna have to defend / Ideas that you believe in / We ain't the type to pretend / Seeing the time that we in / Division derision no vision with no sense of where to begin / Settle it down / To making the round / Bump sounds / Smash towns / No timid flows / Get it? real pros / Never typical, livingful, measuring every little syllable / We moving through a cycle / Assume a new recital / Manoeuvering improving and doing and proving vital / So rest assured disciple / Nomadical revival / Trifle from macro to micro then get insured like geico

Refrain (2X)
E, Nou pap janmen bese lebra, no
Nou pap janmen bese lebra, no
N’ap konbat yo ak yon sel vwa

Verse 2
We back again claiming the title / Spinning the coasts never idle / Spitting the venom go viral / Always on point no typo / Tongues twisted we psycho / Pyromaniacle lyrical brainiac / Cracking dem beats like a chiro / It's Final / We live though / Injecting the drum through the spinal / Tap, Water, Break, Fast, Clap / Shatter fake acts / Shit get real where you at? / You chase deals, we run tracks / Gut dem weaves, bring ROOTS back / Re-Quest Love and Boom bap / Yo, who's that?

Watch how WUNNA move back / An ah lose track / Cuz a we dat / We DI real facts / Seen / Mean Gyal dem real wack, feel me / We GYAL we real bad, eeh
Nomadic, we flashy, we catching dem hearts and we lifting dem spirits to spark
Can't see us, U just feel the gravity pull U like matter they like to call dark

Refrain (2X)
Eh! Nou pa jenmen bese le bra, no / Nou pa jenmen bese le bras, no /
nap konba yo ak on seul voy aaaah / nap konba yo ak on seul voy /

Verse 3
Bringing a piece of that magical flow / Eeny, meeny, miny, moe
Changing your vision and making it grow / (Changing your vision and making it grow)
Flowing above and beyond cuz we’re on / (Flowing above and beyond cuz we’re on)
Designing flavors that open your dome / (Designing flavors that open your dome)

Revoici l'équipe si solide / Libres, on te livre ce colis ! / Tu vois, c'est l'action qui nous domine, pas besoin d'le crier sur toutes les collines / Laissant la musique tout prouver / Dis-nous ce que tu as éprouvé /Le fond tu viens de le trouver / ouuuuuuhhh! La forme tu viens de l'épouser

Eh! Nou pa jenmen bese le bra, no / Nou pa jenmen bese le bras, no /
nap konba yo ak on seul voy aaaah / nap konba yo ak on seul voy /
Backs /choeurs: pa bese les bra //resistans wi nap konbat yo (2X)


released May 12, 2017


all rights reserved



Nomadic Massive Montréal, Québec

NOMADIC MASSIVE, Montréal's own multilingual supergroup. Since 2004, rocking live shows worldwide and redefining Hip-Hop on an international level.


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